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The magic that is medical mobility
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The magic that is medical mobility

Helen Blanchfield

Medical mobility is a truly Irish run family business since 1990. They first offered what was to become a specialised retail experience bringing a passion for positive ageing to the fore and empowering Independence as we age.

Owned by Deirdre Fee and her son Cliff, the business celebrated their 30th birthday in July the same as Radio Kerry. The shop has been located at Unit 5b The Horan centre, Clash Tralee now for 6 years. Prior to this it was located in Rock Street, Tralee shopping arcade Bridge Street, and also for a time in Killarney where Deirdre is from. Deirdre also owned a successful shop in Limerick. Cliff Deirdre’s son joined the business ten years ago. Medical mobility is a remarkable example of customer led experience where a person may arrive not even knowing what they are looking for. When a difficulty presents itself, Deirdre listens to the customer and finds a solution by narrowing down the product range to suit the situation.

Cliff is also a product specialist in the retail of medical supplies for independent living. Going hand in hand with what medical mobility offers is Deirdre’s husband Peters skills as stair lift installer which he started up 15 years ago. When a family member is faced with challenges related to reduce health or a reduced mobility issue then that person needs maximum independence and comfort in their homes. Help with daily activities of living will often involve the use of assistive living products. Problems with feet and toes are also expertly dealt with based on individual needs and

requirements, and 30 years of excellent service to customers. Shoe fitting, and assessment for suitable armchair sizing etc. are by appointment only during covid restrictions .All Safety guidelines are adhered to in the store at this time. Personal protective equipment or PPE is supplied by medical mobility to individuals and businesses also. An array of products such as masks, gloves, gowns, hand sanitiser and items such as thermometers are all available. Supplies for medical professionals are also purchasable.

Deirdre trained as a nurse in England and returned to Ireland in the 1980s. Whilst working and rearing 3 children she decided to complete a start up your own business course. It was then she identified the need for a shop providing supportive medical supplies .With her expertise and nursing background she began to offer a unique and specialised retail experience.

“I then went on to do further studies in Gerontology and counselling” says Deirdre. I have a keen interest in care of the older person and a passion for positive ageing and also to empower independence in ageing”. “No two persons of any age that comes to the shop has the same level of difficulty” Deirdre explains. Stores such as medical mobility are not in every town and in a time where ageing population is growing the excellent service medical mobility provides Tralee is an integral resource.

Cliff has brought the existing unique retail experience to the next level with a 21st century approach to make the service available nationwide by introducing Mobility Genie. This website for independent living solutions he created is easily navigated for all, and even the older age group that might be nervous initially. With putting customers first in mind and designing a platform that is easily followed, mobility Genie is not a typical site. Deirdre explains to Connect that the customer types in what they need, or indeed if the customer can’t determine what it is exactly they require an algorithm system identifies their exact requisite. “It is a wonderful process and so easily navigated by all”. In a time of cocooning family, carer, or customer can go online and shop by category independently. The unique shopping experience online is like a chatroom where Deirdre or Cliff can respond to questions asked to help the customer make the right decision. Mobility Genie is now nationwide through the platform and has customers from 16 countries, in partnership with pharmacy groups.
The business has a reputation that attracts referrals from all medical professionals .Check out the website and the exercise videos also available online. Upper and lower body exercise demos with Ethan Mc Grath encourage keeping active with mobility Genie. Deirdre would like to give high praise to all the staff that have worked and are working diligently with medical mobility, through which their skills have brought the business to where it is today.

Another fantastic initiative of Deirdre’s is her Facebook page called “Ask nana Fee” .It is a weekly Irish show that focuses on matters regarding positive ageing. Deirdre detected a sense of nervousness from customers, an ambience of being deflated during lockdown and cocooning. This is a forum to talk, vent, and interact in a positive way.

Mental health is a massive priority for Deirdre and she has written a book called minding our minds, a guide to supports and services. She truly understands the importance of getting “Mojo and confidence back” in these uncertain times.
Medical mobility provide specialised advice on hundreds of daily living aids. Measurement and suitability can be matched perfectly to the needs of the individual. Working closely with hospitals, clinics and suppliers Deirdre and Cliff are progressive in moving with the ever changing times, to provide the optimal successful experience for their client.

When shopping online deliveries are 2-3 days anywhere in Ireland with An Post.

So whether you are an individual requiring assistance with daily activities, health professional, carer or family member call to Deirdre, Cliff and the staff at Medical Mobility. You are guaranteed a family orientated, ultimately professional and all round experience.

Open Monday to Saturday 9.30 am to 5.30 pm
contact Deirdre 086 2308788

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